It is the duty of the country, society, school, and family to raise a perfect person equipped with knowledge, skills, values, positive life attitudes and qualities necessary for an active citizen. 

The school is an important pillar of the country, it is in the school that an active citizen should be brought up and formed. An active citizen is brought up through civic education.

Active citizenship is a person’s involvement in public activities and participation in the political life of the country through respect for human rights and the law and without violence.

What skills should an active citizen possess?

What knowledge and attitude should he have? 

How is civic education taught?

An active citizen should have civil, legal, political, moral responsibility, independence, ability to make the right choice. Take care of yourself, your family, your country. He should be aware of his duties and be able to protect his own and other people’s rights. Have critical thinking, which means being able to discover public problems, participate in the search for solutions, and be able to make the right choices. Do not be a passive receiver of information, be able to analyze information and draw conclusions yourself. To have the ability to coexist peacefully, to be able to manage conflicts. 

This is an incomplete list of skills of an active citizen.  

In order to develop these skills, in the classes of civic education, students get knowledge about political and legal, social and cultural, economic literacy.

Obtaining the mentioned knowledge and developing skills is done using interactive methods of teaching and learning – discussions, debates, project teaching, which helps to acquire knowledge and skills practically.